Academic Information Management Systems

College management in the present times has to be improved with the assistance of advanced administrative functions. There are multiple tasks those have to be managed by administration yet with utmost accuracy.

Considering this basic objective, Aims OnDemand is an Academic Information Management Systems software which has been developed HR Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It is comprehensive platform which has web based mechanism and supports numerous modules for serving purpose of all the departments in college.

This is an application which has been compatible with all types of college and institute management operations.

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Administration management, fee management, admission management and student management are few of the common modules those have been compiled in the interface of this ERP solution. This professional business solution for college management has brought forth resourceful integrated system for all sized learning institutes. In fact, the college management system minimizes administrative cost significantly and work load gets lessened too. In actuality, the total cost of ownership can be reduced with this software.

Students get to access innovative solution of learning and their experience of studying gets enhanced. Besides, communication between teachers and students can be established by the specific modules of this college management software. Academics are now witnessing state of art technological wonders in terms of administrative and other management functions those have been fetched by this software for college.



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