Complaint and redressal management

The Complaint Management Module aids teams in addressing stakeholder concerns proactively, preventing escalation. It ensures a standardized process compliant with international regulations (IFC, IPIECA, ICMM). This module safeguards business reputation by enforcing commitment follow-ups, prompt grievance resolutions, and proactive preparedness.

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Handle customer complaints easily

Customer complaints are an integral aspect of your business, alongside praise. Handling grievances requires patience and caution, as negative encounters may lead to customer loss and affect your brand image. Utilizing efficient customer support software allows you to consolidate complaints from diverse channels, enabling timely and effective responses for promoting positive customer experiences.

What is customer complaint software?

Utilize customer complaint software (or a help desk) to collect, handle, and address complaints across various channels, such as email, SMS, telephone, and social media, all on a unified platform. This streamlines customer service operations for support agents and managers, often resulting in heightened customer satisfaction.

Importance of customer complaint tracking software

To thrive in business, awareness of customer sentiments is vital. Happy customers act as powerful marketers. However, jeopardizing customer support quality poses a risk. A Harvard Business School study affirms the transformative impact of good customer service.

  • Reduce customer churn.
  • Increase revenue.

Complaint and Grievance Redressal & Management

Our Product

Redressal Feedbacks

Data Analysis to identify weak areas for improvement

Option for waste collection & Litter Bin Monitoring

Help line number for citizens

Complain registration and complain current status

Management information system report

Public feedback option

Recording of all calls by IVR System

Existing Channels of Loading Complaints

General Helpline

Complaint Books at Reception

Complaint Books by APP

Complaint Books

By Post/Dak






Web Portal

Project Process

Online Office Mode

Offline mode / Online Mode Complaints


Feedback to complainant through SMS

Short Comings in existing system

Lake of Information

Real time Tracking

Lack of Analysis

Lack of Institutional Mechanism

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