iconDocument Management Benefits
  • It also helps in compliance with statutory obligations and regulations which are of utmost importance to Government agencies.
  • Document Management System helps in all steps of the correspondence and file management.
icon Objective Filter Docs
  • Solution which must provide functionality to convert mass paper documents into electronic documents & capture them along with electronic documents, fax messages as well as Email Messages into a Central Document Repository
icon Document Flow
  • The documents can be passed on to multiple users within the organization for viewing, modifications, comments and approvals.
  • provides an integrated document flow to route the documents in a corporate decision making process.
Document Management

The H.R Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (HRSS) is an Indian global IT services and consulting company headquartered in New Delhi, India. HRSS is one of India's oldest, largest and most respected business empires. The HRSS's business is spread over various field of business. It provides IT Product Customize Software and IT Services & Solutions. The company operates in three segments: IT Services, IT Products, and Consumer Care.

Filter Docs is a business solution which provides an enterprise repository for the document creation, storage, retrieval & archival along with the management of critical business documents. A complete document life cycle can be segregated into three parts:

Document Acquisition

  • Scan & Upload images of paper document into DMS in electronic form after image processing
  • Import already existing electronic document into the DMS
  • Import Fax messages directly into the DMS
  • Import Email Messages directly into the DMS

Document Classification

  • Index electronic documents
  • Simple indexing in the form unique document identifiers
  • Classification through the documents Metadata
  • Classification through word indexes extracted from the documents contents
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