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Parking Management System

Handling successfully more than 5,000 incoming & outgoing vehicles in the area of through our PMS software.

This parking includes in nos. of barriers.

HRSS company Is provid-Ing successfully technical support 24X7 since the PMS software Was installed and implemented.

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Parking Management System

PMS OnDemand is an automated and multi-tasking application system developed by HR SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Pvt. Ltd. (HRSS) its maximum configuration modularity means it can satisfy the requirement of large complex and small vehicle parking management system.

We are proud to say that HRSS is India’s first company who has successfully Installed and implemented India's most advanced Parking Management System (PMS) last year in Indian Railways, Tatanagar, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand and B.L KAPUR Super Specialty Hospital New Delhi.

Very soon we will be implementing PMS software in various locations In India for Indian Railways, Shopping malls ete.

Presenting metropolitan areas have seen a rapidly increasing in human population as well as vehicles. This directly results in the requirement of lots of vehicle parking. The advent of multi-level vehicle parks has made the management, revenue and security of vehicle parks the top most priority.

HRSS's PMS OnDemand solution caters to these requirements in an efficient way. Connection capability to virtual networks enables monitoring and remote management of parks.

PMS OnDemand offers more than just Vehicle parking lot management

  • PMS OnDemand (Parking Management system) help people find parking spots quickly, there by reducing Contrals, ticketing system etc.
  • Enabling Fool Proof frustration and enhancing the visitor's experience. PMS OnDemand indicates
  • The free spaces available at every level at a car park at real time as well as efficient means of revenue management system.
  • The PMS OnDemand constitutes the access control system, revenue management, Security system and statistical information.

Get the best flexibility with
Parking Management System

Make parking easy and employees happy

Our smart Parking Management System enables your staff to view parking availability 24/7 from their phone up to 90 days in advance and book a space for the day or a few hours prior to commuting to work.

Solve parking demand-related issues

The perfect solution for companies with more employees than parking spaces available. With Ronspot’s innovative credit system, you can give every employee the chance to book a parking space while making parking allocation fair for all.

Manage parking priorities

In addition, administrators can restrict a parking space to specific employees or vehicle types, give some employees priority to book before others, allow staff to join a waiting list, auto-cancel a pre-assigned spot if not confirmed, etc.

Boost parking occupancy

Ronspot’s advanced reporting provides administrators with insighful data on parking usage and booking patterns, and help optimise the use of parking spaces effectively.

Customer support, training and data security

Set your mind at rest and enjoy 5-star customer service, fast onboarding assistance, bespoke training sessions, ISO 27001 certification and GDPR compliance.

Seamless Parking Management for
Efficient Space Utilisation & Optimum Lighting


Access control Barriers
Access control Barriers
Automatic boom barrier
Automatic boom barrier
Smart card integration
Smart card integration
Security, Camera / CCTV
Security, Camera / CCTV
Recognition Systems
Recognition Systems
Level wise Vehicle
Level wise Vehicle
Real time parking status
Real time parking status
Vehicle Checks
Vehicle Checks
Video Surveillance
Video Surveillance
Ticketing & Revenue Management
Ticketing & Revenue Management

PMS OnDemand (Parking Management System OnDemand)

The Following components constitute the parking management

Parking Management Software — The software comply with all the components of the parking management system.

Automated access control system — The parking management system comply with the Access Control system like Automatic gates, barrier etc.

Security — The security features includes with RFID based entry exit, Under Vehicle Scan system recognition systems

Automated Fee System — Easy configuration of parking management software to configure fee payments depending on the duration or exclude payment of fee based on management Issued passes.

Statistical reporting software - Generate hourly, weekly, monthly & yearly reports and up to 15 reports with revenue based and more.

Users report - Daily wise, weekly wise, monthly wise, yearly wise. In User Report, Out User Report with monitoring. Overall Summary

The PMS OnDemand consist of

Real time Vehicle counting - The Vehicle counting system consists of a non intrusive vision based vehicle counting system. This will be installed in every level such that the management gets real time knowledge of the number of vehicles present in every level.

Video Surveillance system can be integrated into solution DVR (optional) — The video surveillance data.

Under Vehicle Surveillance videos can be archived on a DVR.

Case / Billing Management

User Rights & Permission

User login

  • * Bill calculations for different parking types

Bill consolidations

  • * Daily Collection

Cash Management for differant users.

Parking Management System

Level wise vehicle


Video based vehicle

counting technology

Supports wider lanes with multiple cameras

Vehicle parking status displays

Real time status updates.

PMS OnDemand (Parking Management System) Features

  • Quick and easy programming / management, thanks to graphic interface with configuration push-buttons.
  • Management of current vehicle presence for piloting full/available panel
  • Control of all entry/exit stages of single stay and subscriber users
  • Traffic calculation and collection of stay payments
  • Issue, management and renewal of various possible subscribers, set value, points etc.
  • Management and accounting of collections associated with the operator and relevant shift Extraction, by reports, of all the events memory-stored by the program (money collected, transits effected, events recorded and associated with the cash-desk operator, area vehicle presence etc.)
  • Management of decentralized manual cash-desk and cash-desk on exit lane
  • Management of multi-cash-desk with up to 10 Client-Cash-desk collected to the Server Innovative software management enabling association of the vehicle image with the transit ticket at entry
  • At exit, the operator visually checks, with the add of images captured by the CCTV/Web cam, to ensure that the person exiting has the same vehicle as he/she had at entry
  • The confirmation screen-mask can show only the entry images or the exit images
  • They are captured and catalogued according to the precise methods of an external PMS program
  • The PMS OnDemand is able to receive and archive the images recorded with network cameras
  • Through the TCP-IP protocol, these cameras connect in FTP(File Transfer Protocol) mode and send image in JPEG format.
  • The received images are shown in the program's main window and are archived in sub-foldersVehicle tracking at entry gate and exit gate Parking types as a temporary parking, VIP parking
  • Temporary complementary parking
  • Complementary parking
  • Duplicate entry handling.
  • Fast & Flexible

Advantages Parking Management System:

Being at the top, H.R. Software Solutions Pvt. Lid. In the region we allow all our clients the flexibility to choose the best mix of modules that best satisfaction their requirements. If you haven't computerized your Vehicle Parking Management / System yet, then it is the golden opportunity for you to do this with our product PMS OnDemand. Its user-friendly Interface and comprehensive tools makes the system exceptlonally easy to use.

The system not only provides substantial cost savings but also allow you to adjust to your changing working environment efficiently and quickly.

A number of vehicle parking lots are already being benefited by our product. So, contact us for a demonstration at your Office. After this you cannot resist yourself to appreciate our revolutionary designs that enable your progressive business to experience achievements and absolute user satisfaction. PMS OnDemand generates a hierarchy of features and management tools that strengthen and enhance the productivity by many folds.

  • User management
  • Vehicle management
  • In & Out flow reports
  • Income reports
  • Vehicle Statistics
Parking Management System

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