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Residential Use

The BULL series models for residential use are designed to automate sliding gates that weigh up to 800 kg. Available in 230 V AC and 24 V DC versions. The low voltage models feature the integrated energy-saving ESA system. Moreover, all models are available with magnetic limit switches which are particularly suitable for colder environments.

Commercial Use

If your gate is opened frequently then the 800-1500 kg models are the best option. The BULL8OM is oil-lubricated, the BULL10M is also available in a 24 V DC model with integrated energy-saving system and the BULL15M can handle gates that weigh up to 1500 kg.

Industrial Use

HR Automation has also developed a vast range of automation systems for industrial sliding gates that weigh up to 4500 kg. The BULL20 series is designed for gates that weigh up to 2000 kg and the new BISON range can handle 4500 kg. The BISON systems encompass all the power of a high performance motor in a design that is one of the most innovative on the market. Also available with an encoder or inverter.

New Products