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Aims On Demand

Institute/Coaching Management System: Aims OnDemand software developed by HR Software Solutions Private Limited (HRSS), Aims OnDemand a complete Online Application that includes Management & Administration profile as Front Desk, Registration, Admission, Fee, Time Table, Staff Management, Students/Staff Attendance, Examination, Batch, MIS Reports, Utilities, Control Panel etc. It is an easy to use & powerful system for Administration.

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Aims On Demand

Module at a Glance

Front Desk Management

Admission Management

Staff Management

Staff Attendance Management

Batch Management

MIS Report

Registration Management

Fee Management

Student Attendance Management

Examination Management

Database Backup Restore Mgt.

Control Panel

Some Advantage & Benefits

  • Aims Ondemand will help you for easy change from manual to computerized one.
  • Minimize hand written work from front desk to billing information.
  • Proper time scheduling (Time table) saves much of your time during vacation for creative activities and plans for next.
  • Complete customer satisfaction by service and support.
  • Constantly and consistently deliver products and services of highest quality.
    • Keep pace with change and continuously strive for innovation while keeping in step with technology and methodology.
    • User friendly interface & optimized for customization
    • Common platform for admin, staff & students
    • Easy access to key information like online/offline fee deposit, staff attendance, student track etc
    • Easy to manage record the current and previous years data
    • Absolute control on academic processes through 100% automation

Some Features

Students or parents shall be enquiring about the various courses

Based on admissionn stage, following are types of batches:-

  • Completed batch
  • Running batch
  • Announced batch
  • Tentative Batch

Based on admission stage, following are types of batches:-

  • Physical Class
  • Recorded Class
  • Internet Class
  • Virtual

Based on course type, following are types of batches:-

  • Regular Batch
  • Crash Course Batch
  • Revision Batch
  • Other

Counselor shall be above batches and their timing

The report shall contain of time/classroom/period/teacher/students enrolled/enquired other fields

A report on enquiry shall be generated. A field of follow-up action shall be there on all enquires

SMS/Email can be send on all/pre-selected open/partly open enquiry

Key Features of Aims OnDemand

Batch Creation & Management

Completed Batch

Running Batch

Announced Batch

Tentative Batch

Types of Classes

Physical Class

Recorded Class

Internet Class

Virtual Live Class

Types of Courses

Regular Batch

Crash Course Batch

Revision Batch

Other Batch

Key Features of Aims OnDemand
  • Reports can be generated of detail of time/classroom/period /teacher/student enrolled/enquired other fields
  • SMS/Email can be send on all/pre-selected open/partly open enquiry
  • A summary of enquiry during the subject wise/teach wise/day/month/year/ center can be generated
  • Following report to be generated through the software
  • Fees collected during the day
  • Fees outstanding
  • Batch summary report etc
  • Make attendance for staff & student
  • Attendance check procedure for students & staff
  • Internal & external examination tracking
  • All types of batch tracking

For Students Informations

  • Admission Reports
  • Admission Cancel Reports
  • Student Identity Card Reports
  • Batch Type Reports
  • Batch Creation Report
  • Enquiry Reports
  • Chapter Duration Report

For Fees

  • Student Fee
  • Day Book
  • Fee Collection
  • Billed Amount
  • Fee Mode Type Reports
  • Fee Defaulter Report
  • Registration Fee Collection

For Examination

  • Batch Wise Exam
  • Internal Exam Marks
  • External Exam Marks

Attendance Reports

  • Student Attendance
  • Staff Attendance

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