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Time & attendance for a modern workplace

A faster, more accurate, and user-friendly time and attendance management system, All Hours simplifies your payroll process, minimizes compliance risk, raises productivity, and lowers labor costs. It works on all types of devices.

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Anywhere and Instant

Runs on Mobile/tablet devices. Comes with Geofencing.

Multi-Sites & Centralized

Real-time view of multiple sites. Get transparency and controls.

70+ Customizable Policies

Policies as per Location or Staff category. Shift, Overtime, late marks, and more.

Payroll-ready Reports

Automated timesheets with final calculations for payroll processing.

Features and Functionalities

Automated Timesheets

  • Auto login/logout functionalities.
  • Capability to identify activity away from the system.

Application Usages Trends

  • Modify application categories into productive, no-impact and non-productive.

Customized Dashboards

  • Detailed tracker for hours spent on or away from the system by employees.
  • Consolidated summary view to display weekly data.

Core Features

Time and attendance management is critical for ensuring working time and employee absences are managed correctly, for monitoring and improving operational efficiencies and for ensuring compliance

Time Management

Attendance Management

Absence & Leave

Employee Management


Employee Communication

Document Management


Business Intelligence


Overtime Rules

Report and Analytics

Get more done with automated time management solutions

Keeping track of time manually? Contactless time and attendance tracking can change your work life. With it, you can reduce your manual and error-prone - data entry, increase productivity, and ensure that your employees can work from anywhere in the world - remote, on-site, and feet-on-street.

  • Multi-modal approach enables your employees to punch in/ out using a computer, mobile, or time clock
  • Configurable workflows and policies to make it suitable for use, from small to big organisations
  • Create and publish unlimited shift schedules
  • Track leaves, time offs, special approvals and holidays
  • Can integrate with biometric devices (palm/fingerprint recognition)

How it Works


Record Attendance

Capture your biometric attendance in real-time from varied machines and devices. This enables Managers to fix attendance issues on the go and eliminates human error and bestows better cost control.


Leaves & Permissions

Get a low-down on employee-wise leave position at any given point of time. You can incorporate customized leave policies, sanction and approval policies with designated access controls, history, and archive viewing for both you and employees with this biometric software


Analytics & User Report

HR Software Solution - Generates actionable and customized reports to assist in deciding overtime hours, leaves, periodic biometric attendance summary, permissions, etc. The reports can be viewed in Excel as well as in PDF.



HR Software Solution - The compact professional attendance management application, Empowering businesses with real-time log ins and log outs, TD provides automated solutions at the flick of a button. Available for both iOS and Android.

Define & Track Employee With Our Biometric Time & Attendance System

Digitize Employee Records

Manage leaves, holidays, shifts, on-duty, overtime & more with a single Biometric software.

Manual Configure

Simply key in the company leave policies and leave the accounting process to Time Dynamo - Biometric attendance system.

Automated Backup

Automated leave administration saves precious time and transaction costs.

Workflow Configuration

Empower staff to record their times.

Company Policies

Simply key in the company leave policies and leave the accounting process to Time Dynamo.

Approvals and Requests

Simple approval and archive process.

Key Benefits

Attendance Management System is created to help you solve your company's attendance related problems and gain - Better control of workforce, Efficient use of human resources, huge savings and support in decision-making process


  • Anytime Anywhere Access.
  • Staff satisfaction is achieved, be it employees or manager.
  • Avoid errors in the employee's records.
  • Flexi time: office type environment.
  • Configurable User Rights management.
  • Quick and Easy data imports and exports.
  • Fixed time: shift work and night work environment.
  • Elimination of troublesome paper timecards/manual attendance registers.
  • Effortless migration of approved time data to payroll.
  • In-depth, precise and accurate reporting system.


  • Eliminates time fraud incidences.
  • Accurate calculations for Overtime, Half Days, Late Arrivals Short Leaves etc.
  • Safe from Influence.
  • Demerit / Point Management.
  • Lowers payroll-processing costs while improving accuracy.
  • Configurable User Rights management.
  • Enforcement of Company Policies and Legal Compliance
  • Accuracy in processing and reconciliation of time clock software data.
  • Biometric technology eliminates time-fraud issues, such as buddy punching.
  • Easy Management of Flexible Working Arrangements.


  • Rapid deployment, implementation and minimal training required.
  • Minimal training required.
  • Engage employees and reduce staff turnover.
  • Business efficiency increases and employee performance is improved.
  • Lowers payroll-processing costs while improving accuracy.
  • Configurable User Rights management.
  • Comprehensive support
  • Proper Allocation of resources (including human).
  • A reliable and secured system avoiding any chances of cheating.
  • Recover potentially lost Information.

About HR Software Solution

H.R. Software Solution is an international IT consultancy and software development company based in Texas. Having 16 years of experience in HR automation and 16 years in web development, we ensure best-in-class employee portal structure and workflows. Our web portal development services include professional business analysis, modern UX and UI design and delivery of complementing Android and iOS apps. We rely on mature quality management and guarantee the cooperation doesn't pose any risks to the customers' data security.